Preach Christ London is more than just a clothing brand, it is a MOVEMENT! With every piece of clothing, we want to invite the conversation of Christ to those that don't know him but to encourage those that do know him to be bold in their faith! We aim to show people a different aspect of God in ways they can relate to, in everything that we do!


We also want to empower people to follow God and his plan for their lives as well as using their gifts to glorify God. We all have gifts, but we don’t always have the opportunity to use them!

In light of this, we have created “The PC Collective” which is a group of creatives using their skills to glorify God whilst building up a portfolio for themselves. We will be taking applications all year round, but the recruitment process will only be open once a year!

We would love you to be a part of this amazing move of God, giving you the opportunity to be a part of something great whilst having the opportunity to exercise your creative gift whilst working with a brand with customers from various parts of the world!

The PC Collective is comprised of 4 groups: 
•    Product Creation
•    Promotional Content 
•    PC Talks

•    Patterned By PC

What creatives are we looking for?

Product Creation
•    Graphic Designers
•    Illustrators
•    Painters
•    Fashion Designers 
•    Artists
•    Digital Drawers

•    Seamstress

Promotional Content 
•    Photographers
•    Videographers 
•    Editors
•    Actors 
•    Models

•    Dancers
•    Hair Stylists
•    MUAs 

PC Talks 
•    Speakers
•    Bloggers 
•    Journalists 
•    YouTubers
•    Podcasters

•    Poets

•    Singers

•    Rappers

Patterned by PC
•    Photo Editors 
•    Stylists
•    Fashion

•   Bloggers


Thanks for applying!