Our Story 

Preach Christ London (PC LDN) is a movement that was created by founder and CEO Ira Jackson Jr in 2018. It all started with one single Preach Christ hoodie, as a declaration of his faith and boldness in sharing it. He didn’t know then just how inspirational and successful it would become, so whilst doing a degree he began to sell the hoodies and the movement began to grow. Not long after this new designs and ideas started to be innovated and the brands identity has been formed as Preach Christ London!


The W3 Initiative

The W3 Initiative is an initiative that allows us to impact the lives of other people, businesses and organisations who desire funding. One of the important components of our vision is giving back. Since our existence, we have endeavoured to use our profits to give back to those in need. This year in 2022 we desire to do that more and on a greater scale; that's why we have created the "W3 Give Back", which is one part of our W3 initiative. 

We aim to raise up to £100k in profits to be able to give a substantial amount away at the end of this year. We would love your help in supporting others by buying as much PC merch as you can this year.