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Our Story 

Preach Christ London (PC LDN) is a clothing brand that was created by founder and CEO Ira Jackson Jr in 2018. It all started with one single Preach Christ hoodie, as a declaration of his faith and boldness in sharing it. He didn’t know then just how inspirational and successful it would become, so whilst doing a degree he began to sell the hoodies and the movement began to grow. Not long after this new designs and ideas started to be innovated and the brands identity has been formed as Preach Christ London!


With the introduction of a team of like-minded people, the movement grew and we were able to reach more people with the vision, building a social media presence and a following that began to reach people from all over the world. Reaching the first year of business in May we are proud that we have been able to reach hundreds of people from different countries who have joined the movement and we are receiving reports about how buying the PC LDN merchandise has built their confidence and changed their walk with God!

The Movement


With every piece of clothing we want to invite the conversation of Christ to those that don't know him but to encourage those that do know him to be bold in their faith! We aim to show people a different aspect of God in ways they can relate to, in everything that we do!